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Piano, Singing, Saxaphone, Flute, Clarinet  and 11+ Lessons

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Carousel Vocal Tuition

Vocal lessons are available in 30 minute  sessions or 1 hour sessions.  


There is the opportunity to complete the ABRSM exams,  or if you are just wanting to enjoy singing, there are a large range of songs and styles to explore.


After learning a chosen song, you have the choice to be accompanied on the piano or with a backing track.


Singing exercises are given every lesson to help develop the voice and to make sure you are completely warmed up to start your songs.


Later on in the year there is a chance to perform on stage in one of the many shows that 'Carousel Music'  will be putting on.


Many of the students come for lessons to help them with their auditions,  or just for general confidence building and the learning of permance skills.


If you require more information,  please email Carousel from this site.





Coaching for Drama Auditions also available.

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